مغلق و غير مفتوح للمزيد من الردود.
أبريل 3, 2020
مستوى التفاعل

Introduction :.
This sector has been turning around for years, but things are changing!
First of all, I am proud to introduce Beast Online to you. You will not be faced with any problems or difficulties, our infrastructure is working for months, our work is reborn from the ashes! the best of the time, the arrangements and innovations were proudly designed and presented by our team for you. You are looking forward to the long-awaited Silkroad's best 110 cap Beast- Project with you now.

Before the beginning :.
I must say that our team has made a lot of effort for this project. We did not want to make a lot of changes in our game-play system and play with you in the game like Kid Road instead of SilkRoad. We just wanted to keep Silkroad's most enjoyable times as our old Silkroad Online memories.In terms of management, ,hopefully we created for you a beautiful environment for you and we hope you join us.

ABOUT Beast :.
Since there is no any playable 110 cap server ch that deserves to try at the moment. We are here to offer for you guys fair game-play system that deserves to try. We've made our project for all silkroad lovers, We want to create a community where everyone can help each other, I really don't want to seem greedy by saying that we are capable to offer a really high quality server. But we are sure about the quality we will able to offer. We are trying to offer for all the silkroad players, a server that has no major bugs,no lags or errors. We are here to ensure for everyone balanced & fair game-play. You will find a lot of fun in Beast where you can try it with your friends. All the players have fair chances to reach the top. Beast is a server where you can have some fun while you're home.

Open Beta Phase :.
Our beta stage is the most important stage in Beast. There might be changes to our existing system during our beta phase. The system is decided by our players not by us. Of course, there might be bugs or problems that you will face it since we're humans and can do mistakes but we're ready to fix all of them & You may face downtimes/restarts. So you guys all you have to do is to report any bugs you will find it while the Beta stage and We have a surprise for our players who will participate in the beta process.
Date: 01/06/2020 - 20:00 GMT+3.

Grand Opening :.
Since the beta stage is finished, This stage is the last stage in which all the bugs that you found it, It would be fixed, then the real adventure is about to begin, still we have to provide better and clearly gameplay to you & Finally we are going to publish our grand opening. But we can not set a time for the grand opening so that we can insure everything is working fine during the beta phase and you have to know that we can open at anytime. Everything depends on the amount of the bugs that we will find it. We will do our best to insure for you guys no lags, no bugs at the grand opening, You know we may face unknown errors at the grand opening. So to prevent that from happening. We would be glad if you reported any bug during the beta phase.
Date: 05/06/2020 - 20:00 GMT+3.

Links available Now!


Beast is cap 110 & We believe there is a big enormous of players who love this lovely cap, that's why we didn't change our cap at all.

Server is based on Degree 11

The rates in Beast are set so that you can achieve the max level pretty quickly while still having enough time to learn the basic fundamentals of the game and explore the various different features of the server. The maximum degree items available from an NPC Magic Pop is 10th degree (Sun +3).

Exp Rate​
Party Exp Rate​
Gold Drop Rate​
Item Drop Rate​
Alchemy Rate​

Maxiumum Skills : 110

Race : Chinese and European characters.

All maps enabled - China, Jangan Cave, DW Cave, Europe, Job Temple, Holy Water Temple, survival arena, New Area Roc (Geta Of Ruler Roc).

Premium Item mall /Devil Spirits – White, Blue and Yellow and more In F10!

System Silk
Daily Kill Uniques and Get (Scroll Silk), Per / H Yes we are a 2 silk Every 1 Hour.

Chinese Str - Yas Will Add New Skill Balance For Force Skills Make 20% High Rates.

Capture the Flag & Battle Arena
CTF is enabled with custom rewards & A custom battle arena with Arena Coin Rewerd.

Job temple
Custom Job Temple Uniques with special item Zerk Scroll And Arena Coin.

Max Stack
Stacks have been increased on Elixirs, Potions and other items.

Fortress War
Fortress war enabled, every Friday – Jangan , Hotan , Bandit - Reg / 17.00 PM To 19.00 PM - Start / 19.30 PM To 21.30 PM.

Ip Limit : 8 , Pc Limit : 4.

Legendary Gear Dealers are three dealers :

1- Arena Item Manager : Accessory,s D11 [A] Rare │ [Area] : Hotan.

2- Theif Union Item exchange manager Luresia : Set,s D11 [A] Rare │ North Alexandria │ But first you cannot buy parts without joining To Guild Theif.

3- Nople Girl [Donates Items] : New Effect char - new follow pets - new atack pets -
advanced elixir rare [11] B - advanced elixir Normall [11] B - Stone,s D11 - New avatar │ [Area] : Hotan.

.All items available to merchants are only legendary pieces that you can purchase with pieces Arena Coin.

Original Start Item,s

60% Scroll exp.
100% Scroll exp.
1000x HP Pots.
1000x MP Pots.
10x moving speed 100%.
1x devil A grade M / W.
10x reverse return scroll.
20x Instant Return Scrolls.
3x Scroll exp 150% Basic.
500000x Skill Point.

يجب أن تكون مسجلًا لمشاهدة الصور

يجب أن تكون مسجلًا لمشاهدة الصور
Normall Weapon D11:
All the monsters of Alexandria and all that are uniques, fall off from the ordinary category of DG 11.

Normall Nova Weapon D11:
Magic Pop NPC In all Area,s Use cards Magic pop To get Normall Nova Items and weapon D11 +3│Card Magic Pop in F10 Item all Price : 10 Silk│Rates Magic Pop 10x.

Weapon Gear [A] D11 Rare:
You can get legendary weapon the old way i sro Collect 8 cards talismans below ,You will be able to obtain cards by killing another unique in the forgotten world [ Ghost Sereness] ,After completing a Quest The sea of resentment Go to the merchant (Covernor Senmute) and Get your weapon.

It appears in the old place gate of ruler And its rewards are very valuable, as it is the most powerful and unique of its kind on the server ,The date of appearance is every six days.

Unique Box​
4000x silk Scroll, MVP Hero Scroll, Box Lucky.​

It appears in the old place B5 And its rewards are very valuable, The date of appearance is everyday 19.00 PM To 19.30 PM.

Unique Box​
2000x silk Scroll, Scroll Lucky Title Name.​

Titan Uniques:
This event helps new players and they also get to 1x To 2x Arena Coin , Places of this uniques appearance in the original place of the original uniques , The time of appearance every four hours, starting from the twelve o'clock in the afternoon.

Titan Tiger Girl​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Uruchi​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Isyutaru​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Lord Yarkan​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Demon Shaitan​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Cerberus​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan Captain Ivy​
1x Arena Coin.​
Titan SoSo The Black Viper​
2x Arena Coin.​
Original Uniques:
This Uniques Drop 1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare , Places of this uniques appearance in the original place.

Tiger Girl​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
Lord Yarkan​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
Demon Shaitan​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
Captain Ivy​
1x Advanced Type +2 (B) D11 Rare.​
Uniques JoB Temple & Holy Water:
This unique high-level projector continues to drop , You can get one piece Arena Coin from Uniques Holy Water Temple , And get Zerk Scroll And 3x Arena Coin From Uniques JoB Temple.

2x Arena Coin.​
1x Arena Coin.​
1x Arena Coin.​
1x Arena Coin.​
1x Arena Coin.​
1x Arena Coin.​
2x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
2x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
2x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
2x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
3x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
3x Zerk Scroll + 3x Arena Coin.​
Uniques Map:
This unique,s rate drops from Scroll 20x silk to Scroll 1000x silk and some unique,s drop arena coin low rate, Places to appear as shown in the next SPOILER pictures.

Uniques Survival Arena:
It has a special Drop , this uniques Drop CHN Shield and Eur Shield Gear (A) D11 Rare and 1x Scroll 1000 Silk.

1000x silk Scroll, Shield D11 (A) Rare EUR.​
1000x silk Scroll, Shield D11 (A) Rare CHN.​

Elite Survival Arena:
This Elite Drop Travel crystals Forgteenworld , name Telbasta , Lv 106.

1-Where is the travel port located?
The travel port is located as shown in the Next picture.

2-How to log in?
Wear the suit according to your participation in the Guild to which you belong Theif & Hunter , And also get the entry key Booldline.

Theif Suit​
Hunter Suit​
Key Of Booldline​
3-How to Key Of Bloodline?
Get the pass key by killing unique Anubis guards.

Honor Rank
There are two ways to get it an old way and a new way , The old way through the academy , New Way By buying it from a tanker Npc for point honor.

New additions:

Disable Auto Atack.

Disable Bug EXG.

New Glows And Style and Title weapons (A) D11.

New System Title Color.

New System Killer and get Point Survival Arena.

New System Killer and get Point Ranks website.

New System Events weekly.

يجب أن تكون مسجلًا لمشاهدة الصور

In the end I would like to inform you that the server Only D11 (A) Weapon, Disable (B) Fight, Do not forget to follow everything new on the website and share the server code to get valuable rewards and also subscribe to the Discord and facebook page follow up on everything new. We hope you spend a fun time with us, Last News at Discoed You can enter a T-shirt drawing bearing the name of the game and your character, and a thousand pieces of silk and a thousand Arena Coin. Code Share:


مغلق و غير مفتوح للمزيد من الردود.
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